“Bronze Age Mysteries” – Broadcast premiere for our documentary on M5

The premiere for our short documentary titled “Bronze Age Mysteries” by Real Pictures Production was broadcasted on Sunday, February 18, on channel M5.

“Archaeologists, anthropologists, physicists, chemists and biologists who reveal the mysteries of the first thousand years of the 2500-800 BC. The ruins of Bronze Age villages, artefacts and graves tell us stories about these ancient people.

The Sóskút Lady found in a waste pit, the Balatonakali Chieftain: representatives of the opposite ends of Bronze Age society.

Where were they born? How did they live? What did they eat? Were they ill or healthy? Did they travel? How did they look like?

With the help of the most recent scientific investigation methods, we can get to know their destiny from cradle to grave.” [Press release]

Watch the movie here (English subtitles coming soon):